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Rixen International GmbH is your partner in the US for waterski and wakeboard cableways.

All inquiries, new projects and support issues in the US will be handled from “Rixen International GmbH”. Rixen International offers customers in the USA a fast response and is specialized in the American market. Are you interested or do you have a request?

Rixen International GmbH

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Neufeldstr. 9
85232 Bergkirchen Germany
Mail: info@rixeninternational.com

Rixen International GmbH is a newly established legal entity. Its activities are based on Bruno Rixens ideas: to establish waterski and wakeboarding as a sport for everybody.

Bruno Rixen invented cable based waterskiing in the 1960s. With his patented invention he created a new sport: Waterskiing without a boat. Since than Bruno Rixen has been developing and building waterski and wakeboard cableways for more than 55 years.
Bruno Rixen´s revolutionary invention of the cableway in the year 1961 made all this possible!

Millions of riders call Bruno Rixen: the “cable god”.

In August 2018 Bruno Rixen decided to retire, since a perfect candidate for his succession was found. Dr. Richard Söhnchen, a passionate waterski fan bought the Rixen assets and built a new company to complement the Autision Group. A group of medium-sized companies in the field of automated inspection systems. Our group of legally independent companies supplies robotics, machine vision and optical measuring technology under a common umbrella. Our core area of expertise lies in the integration of Automation & vision, hence the name: Autision.